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Custom Laser Etching


Laser Etching

At Suvans we offer a broad range of innovative solutions to meet the requirements of your specific project.  No one else in the Central Coast has the capabilities to provide you with service and know-how for large laser etching projects.

Moreover no one in the Central Coast can offer you our level of customer service for any size projects, whether it's a onetime special item, or repeat units for ongoing production, our work is executed with precision and timely completion, while assuring the highest quality standards.

Possible Projects

but are not limited to:

• Cutting custom parts from a multitude of materials, including acrylic, wood, coated metal, plastic and rubber
• Anodized aluminum engraving
• Engraving text, pictures and logos
• Promotional signs & displays
• Anything engravable

• Informational tags for equipment, control boxes, electrical closets, supply rooms, etc.
• Retail displays
• Achievement plaques & awards
• Wooden tributes for military, law enforcement & scouts (See "What's New" on this site for more information on tributes)

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Pricing based on complexity and time of machine use.  Please call us for a quote!


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